As a Design Engineer for the United States Steel Corporation, Central Engineering, Pittsburgh, PA, Mr. Smoley was responsible for design, directing the production of working drawings and specifications, and monitoring construction activities for hundreds of in-plant architectural facilities, located within the U. S. Steel Corp. mill and subsidiary plant facilities throughout the U. S., and abroad.

Most projects were comprised of multiple people-related building facilities that served complementary and supportive functions to the much larger and broader mill expansion projects.  Such architectural facilities included offices, wash and locker buildings, electrical and mechanical equipment buildings, electrical equipment rooms, computer control room facilities, pumphouses, gravity filtration and vacuum filter buildings, warehouses, locomotive repair facilities, chemical analysis and testing laboratories, oilwell pump production research and development testing facilities, and numerous other building facilities related to the subsurface coal mining industry.

Other non-mill production facilities projects included design services for the installation of satellite communications network computer room facilities for U. S. Steel offices located in San Francisco, CA, Pittsburgh PA, New York City, NY, Atlanta, GA, and Houston, TX.

Following work at U. S. Steel, as a design engineer for U. S. Steelís American Bridge Engineering, Mr, Smoley was responsible for architectural design of project building facilities, HVAC and lighting systems, preparation of construction specifications, supervising production of working drawings, and full time on-site construction management and supervision for an $18 million dollar Phase VI Facility Expansion, USS Oilwell, Garland Works, Garland, TX.

Major U. S. Steel mill plant expansion and production projects included:

Blast Furnace Reline, Gary Works, Gary, IN

84-inch Hot Strip Mill, Gary Works, Gary, IN

Coke Plant, Gary Works, Gary IN

WQC-Slab and Plate Mills, Gary Works, Gary, IN

No. 2 Coke Oven Battery, Fairfield Works, Fairfield, AL

Corbin Coal Preparation Plant, Corbin, KY

WQC Expansion Facilities, Homestead Works, Homestead, PA

Minnesota Taconite Production Plant, Mt. Iron, MN

Texas Uranium Operations, George West, TX

Neville Island Chemical Plant, Pittsburgh, PA

No. 3 Blast Furnace Reline, Edgar Thompson Works, Braddock, PA

Phase VI Facility Expansion, USS Oilwell, Garland Works, Garland, TX.



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